Guiding is more to us than landing fish and helping you find them. It's a complete experience on the water from sunrise to sunset. It's about relaxing with each other, talking about fishing and having a good time.
It's about sharing. Not only of experiences and knowledge, but of moments, impressions, feelings and above all our unconditional love and passion for fly fishing.

What we offer you is a complete package, a full service for your flyfishing trip. Whether it's learning to fly fish, discovering new techniques; whether it's regional waters or destinations; whether it's a new PB or a new species of fish. We want to be a part of your fly fishing life and your partner on the water. Tell us what you want and what you expect and we will individually plan our time together on the water.

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Rainbow trout | Brown trout | Barbel | Grayling


DIe Mangfall is a wonderful body of water to plan a day trip from Munich or the surrounding area. The river offers a lot of space to cast or to learn to cast. Through the clear water you can work very well on your technique and see how the fish reacts. If you feel like spending a wonderful day with beautiful fish, then contact us and we will discuss the exact details together.

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Brown trout | Grayling


The crystal clear Torrener Ache meanders through one of the most beautiful valleys in Austria, nestled in the bizarre mountains of the Salzach Valley. Over a length of eight kilometers, it offers the fly fisherman everything his heart desires. Slow sections, as if made for dry fly fishing, change over to deep pools, where many a capital fish awaits the nymph.

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Regenbogenforelle | Bachforelle | Äsche | Barbe


Undisturbed nature and clear water. Rushing, gravel banks, boulders, pocket waters, pools, deep trains and pools like ground. The fantastic section of the Alz in the foothills of the Alps in the district of Traunstein offers everything that makes fly fishers' hearts beat faster. A very varied, unrestrictedly wadeable fly only stretch with a good stock of rainbow trout, grayling, barbel and also brown trout, which can be fished all year round. Due to many different currents, the right presentation can be tricky at times, plus better fish deliver exciting drills here.

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Rainbow trout | Brown trout | Grayling


The Alm impresses with its crystal clear and unique turquoise water. Our stretch is predestined for dry fly fishing and a pleasure for every fly fisherman. Long trickling stretches as well as deep pools after the weirs are characteristic for this section with an excellent fish population of brown trout, rainbow trout and grayling!

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Guiding costs 300.00 euros per person per day. Plus costs depending on location.